Saturday, January 30, 2010

Greg Campbellock Jr of the legendary 'The Lockers' passes away

It was a sad day on Thursday, January 28, 2010 as the world loses a legendary street dance pioneer Greg Campbellock Jr from the infamous "The Lockers."

During the 11th Year Anniversary of the Carnival Choreographers Ball held at the Vanguard last Wednesday, January 27, 2010, "The Lockers" were being honored with a special award from the organization along with other notable dance choreographers such as Toni Basil, Greg Campbellock Jr, fainted and was taken to the hospital. 

First word of his passing was received by this reporter from Maryss From Paris Courchinoux of The Beat Freaks. According to Courchinoux tweeter yesterday, "He was the sweetest, kindest man, please keep him in prayers. Funk & dance mourning!"

Campbellock Jr's was a big part of "The Lockers." Quoted from The Lockers' site, "The Lockers were created in 1973, eight years before MTV and thirty-two years before any dance competition television shows. The Group as a whole broke down many barriers." They helped give the locking dance form a place in history as part of the Great American Art Form.
As quoted by Justin Timberlake, "The Lockers were the pioneers that founded a place for street dance in pop culture."

Greg Campbellock Jr will be missed by all in the dance community and beyond. Greg Campbellock Jr 1952-2010.

The Carnival Choreographer Ball 11th Anniversary Show

Carnival started 11 years ago in Los Angeles, Califrnia. Imagine being in a room with some of the most well known, talented choreographers and dancers in the industry....... I'm talking about THE industry, choreographers to stars like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Choreographers Wade Robison, Dave Scott & Shane Sparks & some of the dancers from MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and FOX's So You Think You Can Dance. Dance is the greatest form of free expression. A story told through the motion of the body, love, fear, passion, anger and all of the journeys can be shown through the art of dance.

This is Carnival. We will also be highlighting one of the performers: Kimberly Cole is a gifted singer, songwriter, musician and stage performer with a debut EP titled, "Superstar" out now and a new release set for 2010. She has performed with acts like Katy Perry, LMFAO and Shiny Toy Guns. Kimberly is one of's featured suggested users with well over 1 million followers and a MySpace Records family member with a marketing and promotion deal. Her catchy tunes are clever, irresistible and top 40 friendly.r…she is the one to watch.