Monday, November 29, 2010

Live to Dance Paula Abdul is BACK!

Paula Abdul is teaming up with Reveille Productions to produce an ALL NEW dance show on CBS! We'll be searching across the country to find dancers that not only have talent, but the drive and passion to push themselves to the top.

Paula is looking for talented, creative, diverse and unique dancers. She's looking for Solos, Duos, Trios & Groups of ALL STYLES, ALL AGES.

Prize Money • $500,000 • Winner Takes All

Paula's celebration of dance meets the ultimate competition when a half-million dollars is at stake!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The LXD Season 2 in full Effect!

The LXD has won Advertising Age’s prestigious Media Vanguard Award for BEST ORIGINAL WEB SERIES, as its in mid form for Season 2 on Internet Station Hulu, and features Carey Yasis of Carnival (Karey), playing a bad, bad, man, who would like nothing more than to take down the Legion (LXD Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, just in case you lived under a rock for the past few weeks!)

Whether you lean toward the “vast wasteland” or “infinitely entertaining” characterization of the online video space, it’s safe to say you probably hadn’t seen anything like “Legion of Extraordinary Dancers” when it made its debut on Hulu in July.

Created by Jon M. Chu, produced by Mr. Chu and Hieu Ho in partnership with Agility Studios and distributed by Paramount Digital Entertainment, this richly produced series that follows a cast of highly talented dancers has arguably ushered in a new auteur movement in webisodic broadcasting. It launched with a fan base out of the gate, thanks to performances at the 2010 TED Conference and the Academy Awards, and has been rolling out globally through the year.

You've never seen a superhero story like the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, or the LXD. The first three episodes of this heroic-dance webseries are online now.

Even if you're not a fan of dance, it's worth checking out the LXD just for a new visual spin on the superhero genre. It's full of cool spins on the heroic archetypes from your favorite comic books. Not to mention appearances by people like Glee's Harry Shum and Veronica Mars' Ryan Hansen. Tons of people have been buzzing about the romantic, intense third episode, "Robot Lovestory," A man is confined to a hospital, under the care of a distinctly sinister looking doctor who seems to make his patients freak out. But there's more to this patient than meets the eye, and there are people around him who are looking out for. And then they dance it out!